The Features You Need in a Complete Solution

  • Wireless Network

    BeSecure controllers and peripherals communicate using using a wireless protocol in the ISM band, thereby eliminating the need for wires and providing ultimate flexibility for installations.

  • Large Areas

    By making use of intelligent repeaters, a BeSecure wireless network can be extended to cover large villages. The location feature allows BeSecure to narrow down the location of residents on an estate.

  • Cloud Application

    Intelligent repeaters make it possible to cover large complexes and village areas, wirelessly. Unique location assist feature for residents carrying BeSecure monitors provides peace of mind and added levels of security.

  • Self Diagnostic

    With BeSecure you are told when the system requires attention. You do not discover problems when you need the system. Even for simple tasks such as replacing a battery when necessary.

  • Feature Rich

    Advanced access control with full activator and tag management, logging and audit trail stored in the cloud. Resident database, management and communication utilities including bulletin board and document repository. Integrated panic and security management facilitation. Automated visitor PIN along with the residents BeSecure phone app.

  • Extensive Reporting

    BeSecure provides a comprehensive audit trail for all events that take place on your site, stored securely in the cloud. Be aware of how your team and site is performing at any time from any place with powerful the BeSecure console and phone application. Contact your BeSecure certified installer now!

The Menu

  • Find an installer

    Here you can enter your address and find an installer who is familiar with your area to provide you with a BeSecure Solution and quotation.
  • Register a new Site

    Once you have made up your mind, you can start off by regsitering your Complex or Village, entering your payment preferences and setting up the basic site structure.
  • Support

    If you require assistance, then you can search our knowledge base or submit a new ticket.

About Us

BeSecure is a division of the Impro Technologies’ Group, which was founded almost 30 years ago. A proudly South African company, the group is a pioneer in the access control industry and today is responsible for exports into over 60 countries, spanning three continents.

BeSecure has offices in Johannesburg and Durban, as well as representation in most major centres throughout South Africa.

The company is built upon a strong engineering backbone, which is responsible for the innovative design and technology used in the systems. Through this engineering focus, the best technologies are adopted to ensure a solid solution, which remains cost effective and easy to use.

BeSecure follows the rigorous ISO accreditation process, to ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards, and are manufactured within our facilities in South Africa.

The BeSecure range of products are exclusively available to accredited installers who have undertaken specialist training, in order to ensure all installations meet the required standard.

BeSecure offers a range of solutions for residential estates, homes, care facilities, as well as retirement villages.

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